One Year of Living Full-Time in a 150 Square Foot, 30 Year Old Class C Motorhome

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This morning we were sitting down having home made breakfast tacos in the RV and I realized something… We’ve been living in our little home on wheels now for for just over 1 year! I’m also realizing that we never … Continued


A Relaxing Winters Day in Mexico

A Relaxing Winters Day in Mexico Las Palmas Midway Hotel After our long drive the day before, we woke up at Las Palmas Midway Hotel with the sun feeling hopeful for good news about our transmission. We got our laundry … Continued


Let’s Try This Again

Let’s Try This Again Mountain Driving in Mexico I ended up waking up a 2:00am. Goof had jumped into bed and the cats were sleeping on top of me because they were cold. All 5 of us in an overcab … Continued


When it Rains it Pours and I’m Not Talking Precipitation

When it Rains it Pours   Northern Mexico Mountains We woke up early to get the RV ready for a long drive up and over a mountain. After Goof’s cut yesterday, we unwrapped her bandages, soaked her paw in water … Continued


Boondocking in Mexico

Boondocking in Mexico When Your Typical Maps Don’t Cut It We ended up having a pretty decent sleep at the parking lot near Cola de Caballo. Even though we paid to park there, it was really our first time boondocking … Continued


Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico Between Three Mountains After a somewhat restful night we woke up, showered and hit the road. We were keen to explore Monterrey and take care of some errands. When we fired up Old Buckie she was sounding a … Continued


Prepping Our RV for Mexican Roads and Speed Bumps

Prepping Our RV for Mexican Roads Topes, Speed Bumps and Potholes After another restless night, we got up at 8:00 am. Around 1:00 am a large group had checked in to the campground last night and they were extremely loud. … Continued


Exploring El Potrero Chico

Exploring El Potrero Chico Hidalgo, Mexico We decided to stay for another 2 nights here at Homero’s campground. Our dog, Goof, kept us up from barking off and on all night last night and we were pretty tired. Goof is … Continued


Our Route Into Mexico – Driving from Canada to Panama

Our Route Into Mexico       When we first started planning this crazy idea of driving from Canada to Panama we had a rough idea on where we wanted to go. Our plan was simple. Drive down the east … Continued


Our Traveling Pets

  Our Three Traveling Pets   There are two questions that people ask us almost every time they hear about our lifestyle, how do the pets handle being on the road? and How do you afford it? Today I want to tackle … Continued


Repairs And Maintenance – 5 Tips To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

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    Repairs and Maintenance Are Part of Life When You Live On The Road   We are unfortunately no stranger to the Automotive Repair Shop. Attempting to drive from Canada to Panama in any vehicle can be a challenge. … Continued


It’s Not All Paradise with #VanLife

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The Occasional Difficulties of #VanLife There are a lot of influencers and brands who glamorize the trending #VanLife and #RVLife lifestyles. I understand that. What’s not to love about traveling full-time, having the freedom to go to new places and … Continued


Boondocking and Free Campsites

Boondocking and Free Campsites It surprises people when we tell them we rarely stay at campgrounds overnight. A lot of people assume that with an RV, we must be booking at RV Parks and campgrounds every night. There is nothing … Continued

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