One Reason Why We’ve Been Offline…

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One Reason We’ve Been Offline…

Well, we have been pretty quiet lately and that’s because we’ve been very busy! One of the things keeping us busy is our pets. I always knew we should never let them out-number us but here we are 3-2, haha!

For a few days our 11 year old cat, Dude, was acting a little off. She wasn’t eating much and we thought maybe it was her teeth because she would eat soft food. Thus began the soft food diet. We tried getting her back on kibble and no dice. She was not having any of it, literally.

The next morning we noticed she had turned yellow overnight. Because she is white it is very easy to see her skin and what is normally pink was yellow. We called a nearby vet and called an Uber.

A sick Dude at the vets

Oh Dude

We didn’t even have enough time to run to the RV to get her cat carrier. Luckily she has always been down for an adventure. We wrapped her in a towel and hopped in the Uber. The vets office was very nice. We didn’t need an appointment and they were able to see us right away. The vet spoke English which was a huge help. They took her to do bloodwork and to check her out. It turns out something was blocking her gall bladder function which was affecting her other organs. That also explains why she was jaundiced.

The vet gave her a bunch of needles and explained the needles are to help open up the blockage and also treat for infection. This was on Saturday and we had to take her back on Monday again.

Dude is always pretty chill, pictured here in the vets office

Another Appointment

We were relieved after the initial appointment because we both feared the worst–liver failure. After we got her home she seemed a little better and would visit with us more but still mostly wanted to sleep and not eat much. She actually lost 3 whole pounds. When we left Halifax she was 12 pounds and she was now down to 9.

We took her in on Monday for her follow up. The original vet was on his siesta time so she was seen by another vet who called the original vet to consult. They thought she seemed better and prescribed supplements to help make sure she is still getting her nutrition. She received 4 needles again.

A Phone Call

The following day our original vet called me with an update. He had consulted with a specialist in the area who recommended an ultrasound to try to see what is blocking her organs. It could be anything and the only way to know for sure is to try an ultrasound. He mentioned this can sometimes be difficult but in her case he thought it was worth it so we booked it for Friday. The specialist had to travel to the vet clinic with the ultrasound machine so on Friday she saw our regular vet and a specialist.

Ohhhh Dude

Well, it turns out she’s too fat. Not too fat for the ultrasound to work, but too fat in general. The mass that is blocking her organ function is actually fat! Even though she has lost 3 pounds she needs to lose a bit more weight in hopes the fat around her organs will shrink. We also realized when we give her wet food, all she does is lick the fat and liquid out of it, doesn’t eat any of the actual meat, haha!

She’s now on a strict diet until her color returns to normal. The vet thinks she will be okay but if she doesn’t start eating her kibble then we need to go back and assess our options. For now she is allowed to have some tuna.

It was quite a week with our little Dude. We both had to face the reality that we might lose her and that was definitely not fun. I’ve had her since she was 9 months old and I was still in University in my early-twenties!

Goof was not happy we took Dude away and had to give her the full inspection on return. Looks like she is saying “This is my kitty” hahaha


We will keep you posted!



  1. rita from phoenix

    Hope Dude recovers soon. Our dog Izzy had some type of seizure…a mild one but I worried. She vomited stuff and seemed fine after that. We think she choked on something she ate. It’s scary cuz they can’t tell you where it hurts or what is happening.