Goof’s Second Birthday!

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Goof’s Second Birthday!

Our big girl is 2! It’s so hard to believe that she is 2 already. We got her when we had just come home from Africa and she was around 12 weeks old. Even at 12 weeks old, she was so big I could hardly pick her up. We say she picked me because as soon as I met all the puppies she glued herself to my leg. Even now at 2 years old, she is still a mama’s girl glued to my hip now because she’s so tall, haha.

We celebrated with her by taking her on a nice walk and buying her favorite treat, a bully stick.

Getting her birthday treat

Getting lots of birthday hugs and cuddles
Out for a walk. So many things she needs to smell so she can’t sit still haha


Lots of cool street art in GDL
Sometimes life is tough, lol

A Look Back

I never thought I could love a dog this much but Goof has certainly wormed her way into my heart since we got her. She has tons of quirks but I honestly love her personality so much. Also, have a huge dog that is also cuddly is the best!

Here’s a look back on the first day we got her.

Cutest puppy ever

Once she chose us there was nothing to do but take her home!
Devon still picks her up like this. Of course, it looks a lot different hahaha



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  1. Cat in KC, MO

    Glad you didn’t have any problems from the hail storm!

    Happy birthday to your baby girl Goof! 🙂 Puppies are just like kids in more ways than one and grow up so darn fast!