A Day to Explore and a Night to Remember

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A Day to Explore and a Night to Remember

Hi everyone! Sorry for our delay. We take a break for a day or two and suddenly it’s been a week! I’ll catch you up over the next few days on what has been going on with us here in beautiful Guadalajara.

After our last update we spent the following day exploring a little bit of the city. We walked further west and checked out a few new parks and a new restaurant (with a veggie burger!!).

Dayna standing under an arch
Out exploring and we found a dog park to take Goof to!

It’s a very nice park but this statue looks so sad!


I’m always on the look out for a vegetarian burger so whenever we see signs for one we typically stop in. It’s been hard to find veggie burgers here and most of the ones we do find are actually Portobello mushroom burgers. I like these, but miss classic veggie burgers too!



I ordered the veggie burger with fries. I forget the specific name of these fries but it came with a garlic mayo type sauce on them along with parsley and parmesan. They were super tasty and I scooped some of the garlic mayo onto my burger. Delicious. Also, we’re noticing a lot of burgers come with a grilled hot pepper in Mexico.

Devon ordered a burger with plain fries too.

Devon got a chocolate shake too!
Enjoying my meal on a warm and sunny day!


After our burgers we heading back to our neighborhood which is called Zona Americana. It’s close to downtown and also near all the action of Chapultepec which is a street lined with restaurants, bars and cafes. There is a center walking lane that always has different events going on. From clay café types of set ups to free salsa lessons, there is always something interesting going on.

This the main walking avenue in the center of Chapultepec.

There are several nice fountains and the whole Avenue is lined with trees.

Florence and the Machine

After our exploring we went back home to get ready for what would be an epic night! We found out a few weeks prior that one of my all time favorite bands, Florence and the Machine, was going to be playing a show in Guadalajara while we are here. I have been trying to see her for at least 8 years but we have never been in the same city before!

Best night ever

We took an Uber Pool to the auditorium where the show was held. Let’s just say it was worth the wait. Florence and her band puts on one hell of a show! She mentioned how Guadalajara was not a part of their original tour but she actually requested to come here because she did a festival here once before and loved the city so much. The city and the Mezcal, haha! Mezcal is a type of alcohol that is made in Mexico.

Having a blast!

Everyone was getting into it!

After the show we took an Uber home. It was such a great concert. I can’t believe I finally saw her!



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  1. Marie

    In France we call that mayo ailoli pronounced i o lee. Ail meaning garlic.