Night on the Town!

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Night on the Town!

After our usual morning we decided to go out on the town. We broke out the cribbage board and had a few drinks at home first. Because what else would Canadians do before going out? We play crib together all the time, it’s super fun! Devon actually taught me how to play it last summer when we were at the RV park in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I had a few Caribe coolers and Devon had a few Pacifico beer. Drinks here are so cheap. Each cooler costs around 17 pesos ($1.19 CAD/$0.89 USD) at the Oxxo convenience store. A 6 pack of beer is around 70 pesos usually but sometimes it fluctuates.

Dressed up and ready to go out!


Chapultepec is the main bar zone and it’s filled with restaurants, bars, shops and people. Every time of day that I have been there has been busy but of course its busiest in the evenings. A lot of people walking around and most bars are filled. We decided to check out a club for dancing. When we got there it was pretty quiet but it picked up eventually. We each had 2 drinks. Devon had 2 Corona’s and I had 2 Vodka Cokes. The total was 250 pesos ($17.55 CAD/$13.05 USD), pretty expensive for Mexico!

After a few hours we decided to leave and went for a walk along Chapultepec and then through to our street.

In the streets of GDL at night. Feeling pretty safe though.

. -Dayna


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