Shopping at Galerias

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Shopping at Galerias

We spent the morning doing our usual thing of walks and Spanish shows. Then in the afternoon we decided to check out one of the malls in the city. One of our friends here made us a list of all the places we need to check out before we leave and Galerias mall is one of them.

Both Devon and I need new shoes as we have burned through our other ones. I’ve also lost a bit of weight and a lot of my old clothes are getting loose so I wanted to pick up a few new things.

The mall is huge!

Found a new skirt and shirt!


We didn’t end up taking many pictures inside the mall but it was really nice! A lot of big brand stores like Prada and that kind of thing but also had H&M, Forever 21 and those stores too.

Devon got a new pair of Birkenstock sandals as his were falling apart and I got new Nike sneakers for walking.

Someone is happy with my purchase lol

Uber Pool

When we left the mall we decided to use Uber’s pool option. Basically it works the same way as Uber but there’s a chance you will share the ride with someone else. You wait 2 minutes while they search for other passengers and then they tell you which corner to meet them on. It is super cool and is always cheaper. Often they don’t even find anyone else so you get a cheaper fare for the same ride.

This time we shared the ride with one other person. A man named Oliver from Paris. We chatted with him and the Uber driver the whole time and ended up having a super fun ride! Oliver ended up getting out our spot and walked with us to Chapultepec (the main bar avenue). It turns out his wife is Canadian! He showed us the Spanish language school he went to and we made plans to hang out with him and his wife next week. Super random and fun! It’s almost every day we are meeting new people in this city.

In any case, we highly recommend Uber Pool! It’s cheaper and a fun experience.