Movie Night!

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Movie Night

In the morning I took Goof out for our usual walk. This is becoming one of my favorite parts of my days! Just her and I on the streets of Mexico. Listening to great music. Love it. Devon and I are super keen to become fluent in Spanish. It’s like we’re learning just enough now that we are really aware of how far we still have to go. So one thing we started doing is watching Spanish TV shows.

One of our friends told us about a show called La Casa de Papel, which is a Spanish drama about a robbery. We got started into it with English subtitles and it’s helping us a lot! That combined with Duolingo and our Spanish meet-ups is getting us to a point where we are more conversational. We spent the day watching TV and hanging out with the pets.

Walking to the theater
Walking passed La Minerva statue

Movie Theaters in Mexico

I don’t know what I was expecting but for some reason I hadn’t considered going to the theaters here in Mexico. I just assumed it would all be in Spanish voice overs and that was it. Then one of our friends was telling us that it’s actually not that way! So we decided to check it out. Cinemex is the movie company here. We downloaded the app and found a theater nearby. The movie we chose was Ma, a thriller where an older woman lets teens party in her house and then turns kind of crazy.

Very pretty building with Cinemex in it

The movie was in English with Spanish subtitles, also super helpful for our learning! The movie itself however, was pretty graphic! I spent half the movie with Devon’s hands covering my eyes. True love right there lol.

After the movie we picked up a few groceries at the Fresko/La Comer in the same building. There are so many fruits and vegetables here that we’ve never seen before!

Like, what is this? It looks dangerous haha!





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  1. rita from phoenix

    I’ve often said they should have recipes along side fruits and veggies….here in Phoenix we see weird fruit and veggies too with no clue how to eat it. Nice bldg. and theater and the walk showed how surrounding area looks. I’ve been following Kevin and Ruth in Australia with their 4×4 camper truck. So far saw Koala bears, kangaroos, sheep, lots of colorful birds, rolling green farm lands, rivers and ocean and hiking trails & much more. It gives me a tour of the small cities/villages they stop and what they see….just like traveling along.

    • Dayna and Devon

      Hi Rita! Yes, we love following along with Kevin and Ruth too. So nice to see a different side of Australia rather than beaches and desert! The city we are in is very metropolitan. Reminds me a little of LA. So we think we have it narrowed down and that vegetable is a spiny chayote. Apparently is like a squash inside but you have to be careful handling it or it will cut you. I think I will pass! Haha.