City Living

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City Living

What a week we’ve had! We are getting acquainted with the new city we’re in, Guadalajara. One of the things that I find most enjoyable lately is to have a bit of a routine. I went from structured working routine, to full-time travel no routine, to now wanting at least a morning routine! It’s funny how we change over time.

My morning routine goes something like this. I wake up, procrastinate for a tiny bit and then get up and take Goof out for a walk. Headphones in, listening to music, we go for a 30-60 minute walk depending on how hungry I am. I love going for these walks. It’s like my prescription for happiness. I never plan a route, I just take whichever street appeals to us.

Enjoying the morning air!
The streets of Guadalajara are so beautiful.

During this time Devon stays home and puts the coffee on and makes breakfast. The mornings here are always beautiful. Sunny, not too hot, with a nice breeze. At least once a day I will get stopped by a local who wants to learn more about Goof. She gets a lot of attention for her unique look. Then, once they realize I’m foreign, they always welcome me to their city. People here are so friendly!

After breakfast we clean up and relax for a bit. Then we either head out to sight see, stay in and work on our Spanish, or see if any of our friends have plans.

Making Friends

One thing that we’re both keen to do is make some friends while we are here! There are a few language exchange programs here where they get together and spend one hour speaking Spanish, and another in English. So far this has been a great way to meet people.

We spent some time with one of our friends from the exchange and tried a Thai restaurant called Siam Thai Cocina. We thought it might be the same chain as the one in Puerto Vallarta but it is different. We all ordered pad thai (mine was veggie), and it was pretty good! That’s one thing about Guadalajara (or GDL as the locals call it!), there are tons of amazing restaurants! After months of mostly eating Mexican food, we’ve enjoyed having other options like Indian, Thai and Lebanese.


Soooo delicious