To Daily Blog or Not

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To Daily Blog or Not


As you can tell we’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the daily blog! It boils down to two things. One, we have been staying in one place for a long time (months in La Cruz, now a month to go in Guadalajara). Two, we’ve been busy and not busy! Let me explain. This is a huge city and there is a lot to do so we had days this week where we were go, go, go. Then we also had days where we were tired or had been out late the night before so we mostly just watched Netflix and ordered Uber Eats food delivery. Not exactly exciting content for you guys, haha!

Here is what we want to do. Focus on posting as much as possible when we have interesting content available. It might turn out to be daily, or maybe 5 out of 7 days a week. We will see how it goes!

Friday in GDL

Weekends here are pretty wild. We are living about 5 blocks away from the main party zone and let’s just say it’s easy to get caught up in it! After 2 months of sleepy little La Cruz, we are enjoying being around people our age. Friday we spent the day at home and took Goof for a walk. Then in the evening we walked to Chapultepec and went to a bar with live music and 75 peso ($5.18CAD/$3.90 USD) mojitos that were 1 litre each. After a couple we were feeling pretty good! We got home around 2:00 AM and crashed.

Saturday in GDL


We spent a lazy morning in bed and then forced ourselves to get up and go see some more of the city. We took an uber downtown and walked around the historic area. From the main street we saw a market and decided to check it out to see if we could find some breakfast. The market was 3 levels and VERY busy. We went up to the second floor and almost gave up because it was so busy. We find these situations a bit overwhelming because we don’t fully understand the norms and everyone speaks very fast Spanish.




Eventually we sorted ourselves out and found a place to have some food. I ordered 4 chorizo tacos and Dayna ordered 4 potato ones. I was feeling particularly hungry and ended up ordering a second round of carne asada for myself. Dayna got a horchata aqua Fresca and I ordered a bottle of Fanta. Total for 12 tacos and two drinks… 104 pesos ($7.19CAD/$5.41USD)! Back in the land of cheap eats haha!




After lunch we decided to leave the market and head over to the cathedral. The cathedral dates back to 1618 and is the central landmark of the city with several large open squares around. We hung around the square directly in front of the cathedral for a little bit but eventually the heat got to us and we had to head indoors. It appears the cathedral is going through some restorations. From what I’ve read on Wikipedia, it seems that it’s suffered some damage from earthquakes over the years.








Guadalajara Regional Museum



From the Cathedral the Regional Museum of Guadalajara is only a block away and where we decided to make our way to next. The museum is in another historic building dating back to the mid 1700’s. We checked out a Mammoth skeleton that was on exhibition, and several pieces of Mexican history. Upstairs we found a gallery showcasing paintings that were created in this area.









So that’s what we got uptown this weekend. We’re loving Guadalajara so far! If anyone has any tips or must see for this area leave them below!








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  1. rita from phoenix

    We love blogs daily, a tour of what you see i.e. flowers, trees, bldgs. people, animals, sky, etc. Even a photo or two of your relaxing at home with goof. Hope you decide to share everyday with us 🙂

    • Dayna and Devon

      Hi Rita! Thank you so much. I’m going to try to get back into the habit of it this week! Stay tuned for more. 🙂