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Walking Guadalajara



Regular readers of our blog will know this is our second time in this area. On our way down towards Puerto Vallarta we spent a couple days in Tlaquepaque. Although its not a part of Guadalajara, it surrounds a good portion of the east side of the city. We enjoyed our time (apart from driving) there and you can read about that more and see the pictures here. This area of Guadalajara though is quite a bit different. Walking the streets in this area feels more like parts Los Angeles, except with even more Spanish hahaha!













The city is beautiful and we’ve both been loving our time here so far. One of our goals for our time in Guadalajara is to try and improve our Spanish. We’ve been trying to use our limited Spanish as much as possible and we’ve learned a ton! We’ve also made some terribly funny mistakes.


For example in English, If you find the temperature a little too warm, you would say I’m hot. In Spanish you would say I have a lot of heat or “Tengo mucho calor”. If you say the direct translation of I’m hot “Estoy caliente” you’re telling the person you’re talking to that you are horny. We were both saying it very wrong for the first two months we were down here. Thats probably the funniest/most embarrassing one that we at least know about.



Another funny moment, we were walking down a street and a hostess of a seafood restaurant was trying to convince us to eat at their restaurant. It seemed like a very shellfish focused menu so I tried to tell the hostess that Dayna was allergic. But instead of saying “No gracias, mi esposa es alérgica a los mariscos”, for some reason what come out was “No gracias, mi esposa es alérgica a los mascotas”. I had told the hostess, “No thanks my wife is allergic to pets!” Haha, it’s a learning experience.

Before we left on this trip though we spent a couple months attending a conversational Spanish Meet-up in Halifax off the app “Meet-Up”. It was a great way for us to learn some very basic Spanish before we left and we’ve been trying to find similar again on this trip. We found a group here in Guadalajara that hosts a similar event every Wednesday night. From 8-9 everyone speaks in Spanish for those looking to learn that language, and then from 9-10 everyone switches to English. It was a ton fun to not only learn a bit more Spanish, but also help people with their English. We didn’t get any pictures of the event, but we will try to when we return next week!


That’s it for today. Talk to you all tomorrow.





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  1. Amelia

    What a beautiful city. Looks wonderful for walking or cycling. Enjoy your stay there

  2. rita from phoenix

    What’s that odd tree with yellow leaves? Also did you climb to the top on the arch over the street? Just wondering if it’s a pedestrian bridge?

    • Dayna and Devon

      Hi Rita! I’m not sure if you can climb the arches or not, I didn’t notice! Also not sure on the tree. There are so many beautiful plants and trees here!