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Our Little Pad in Downtown Guadalajara


We’ve been in our little Airbnb for a few days now and are pretty happy with the way we have it set up. This particular Airbnb is set up more like a hotel room than an apartment. Two double beds in one room and a small bathroom and shower. It’s in an ideal spot if you’re just checking out the area for a couple days, but for an entire month it would get expensive eating out every meal. Luckily for us though, we have everything we need to make this a bit more sustainable!


Making it more pet friendly


First thing we needed to sort out is some air flow with the pets. Our unit doesn’t have A/C which is alright where this area doesn’t get as warm as PV. However the windows in our unit don’t have screens on them, which is not a good mix with two adventurous cats. The first night we only opened them a crack and tried to sleep with them closed but there’s no way that was going to work long term.

However, back when we were still home in Nova Scotia, I had bought a spool of window screen to replace some torn ones in the RV. We actually had just enough to screen in both windows. The only issue being, there were no groves to install the screen properly. So harnessing my inner Red Green, we attached with duck tape. We did a small test patch, and when removing it it didn’t seem to pull up on the paint. Hopefully when we go to leave we’re just cleaning up sticky residue, in which case we have plenty of goo gone.


It might not be the prettiest screen installation, but it works


Our makeshift kitchen


Next thing we had to figure out is someway of storing and preparing food. The airbnb came with a nice sturdy wardrobe next to one of our now screened in windows. We figured this would make the best “kitchen”. We use a chest style fridge in our RV that can run off of our 12V solar setup or a regular 110 outlet. If you haven’t read our review of our Alpicool CX50 fridge you can find that here, or check it out on amazon here. The fridge fits in nicely there, we can put our 110v fan on top of it to help get some circulation in from the window, and it hides our 30lb propane tank that we have tucked in behind it.



Cooking indoors with propane can be dangerous, and the reason we choose to set up our kitchen here was for the air circulation. For cooking though we are using our 2 burner Coleman stove, we move the bags we have hanging above off to the side when we’re using it, and when we’re not it folds up nicely. We actually bought this stove top well used from someone online, but its a rugged little unit that puts up with our abuse. Again you can find it on amazon here. We’ve also brought in our little Black and Decker toaster oven which we use to make pizzas, nachos, etc…



Our home office & living room



Nothing too special, but much more ergonomic that our RV’s dinette! Next to our other window which is great for airflow. The airbnb came with the tall fan which is great! And we can use our google home speaker to listen to music as we write these posts!


This is our main living space in the airbnb. We would’ve preferred a couch instead of a second bed, but we make it work!


And since we’re using the wardrobe as a kitchen we have to make do with this small shelf area. Dude also thinks my clothes make a good bed area. Good thing we have lots of lint rollers hahaha!





This is our little bathroom area (toilet to the right, shower to the left). It’s so nice to have a full sized bathroom again after being in the RV for so long! The glass jar full of green liquid is actually dish soap, because this is our only sink in the Airbnb so also where we have to do our dishes.



And a proper shower!!!! With hot water, whenever we want it!

Also behind the bathroom is a little storage area. We’ve got the cats set up in there right now, but as I’m writing this I’m asking myself… would the bikes fit in there???


We’ve been also going on lots of walks around this area exploring all the different neighbourhoods. I realize this post is getting long now so lots of pictures of the area in tomorrows post.



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