Saturdays in Tequila

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Saturdays in Tequila

Tequila, Tequila, Tequila

We ended up having a restful morning hanging in the RV with our traveling pets. I swear our oldest cat Dude loves it here, she’s all about lounging in the heat! After some serious cuddle time we decided to go out for an actual restaurant meal for dinner. I did a bit of research and saw that the Cholula restaurant had great reviews online. The online menu was in Spanish but it looked promising for sure! Definitely pricier than our usual Mexican choice but it’s nice to do occasionally.

Goof and the Baby up in bed with me. Yes, Goof knows how to jump into our overcab bed. She’s basically my height so she manages it well! Her and the Baby love to cuddle with each other. Dude usually prefers cuddling with just us humans.


Cholula Restaurant, the woman with her hand up is on the police force and she was helping direct traffic.


We walked to the main square and it was packed! Friday, it was filled with school trips and tour buses. Today, tour buses and locals! Everyone was out enjoying the day and the square. A band was playing in the center gazebo, children running around playing, families enjoying time together and people relaxing at the local restaurants. A really lovely sight!

Cholula Restaurant

I’m so proud of us! We walked into the main doors and told the hostess that we wanted a table for two for dinner all in Spanish. She told us the wait would be 30-40 minutes. She asked for my phone number so I gave that to her (my Mexican phone number even, am I already integrated?? Just kidding, lol). It was definitely still awkward, but it was a complete interaction that both sides understood. We decided to walk around the square while we waited.

Crowds in the main square

The band in the gazebo had the crowd going! I also just noticed that kid sitting there, too funny.
Lots of vendors out selling their snacks and crafts
Views from our walk
Who’s down for a ride in a red hot chili pepper?
Even a news reporter is here!
These passengers were belting out a Spanish song, and I have to admit, they sounded great!

Dinner Calls

I got the call that our table was ready and it was my first time saying “Hola” while answering the phone. Is that customary? Is it just Hola when answering the phone or something else? Clearly, I need to find a Spanish instructor soon! We got our table on the second floor of the restaurant. The server, Devon and I conversed pretty easily as we ordered our food and drinks.

They had an English menu which I would normally consider to be a tourist trap, but we threw caution to the wind! (Prices in pesos).
Devon enjoying a classic margarita. I admit I had a small sip and it was delicious. I’m so mad that I can’t have a whole one to myself! I ordered a lemonade which was also great.
I ordered bean enchiladas which were great!
This guacamole was massive. I’m sure it must’ve been at least 8-9 avocados worth. This picture doesn’t do the size justice. I also love the pottery!

Devon ordered a steak in a mole sauce. He loved it.
The meal also came with tortillas, chips and salsa. What a spread!
Our view from the second floor. A really beautiful restaurant.

For all the food and the 2 drinks we had our bill came to 569 pesos ($39.54 CAD/$29.63 USD) before tip. Expensive compared to our other meals here. However, the quality was really great. If we had this level of meal back home in Halifax, Nova Scotia it easily would be triple the cost. Not something we will do every day (can’t beat those 2 dollar tacos!) but we enjoyed Cholula immensely.

Downstairs in the restaurant, Mariachi bands and all!
We found this tree on the way back. What even is it? Looks dangerous!

A Fun Evening

We headed back home after dinner and Devon took Goof out for a walk while I chatted with friends from home. While they were walking, they noticed the square had transformed again and now there were tons of fancy cars there!

Of course, Goof was excited to see all the fancy cars (in front of her)

Once Devon got back we decided to head out once more to see what’s going on.

Really, I just wanted to check out the cars myself! I guess I should’ve gotten Old Buckie over but you know how it is.
The festivities continue!
Devon got one of these stall tequila mixes. It was…not very tasty but we got this large mug! Haha

That’s it for today! We’re thinking to pack up tomorrow but we will see what the day brings. Thank you for reading!



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  1. Creigh Gordon

    There is a smartphone app that translates signs. Do you suppose it works for menus too?