Exploring Tequila, Mexico

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Tequila, Mexico

Exploring the Magic Town

We got up early to explore Tequila and to try to beat the heat walking with Goof.The main square was just starting to come alive with locals and tourists alike. Everywhere we go, Goof gets a lot of attention. Mostly from the locals too! Everyone ooh’s and aah’s over her meanwhile she would prefer to be left alone. She’s a good sport about it though.

Devon carrying Goof around some broken glass. We don’t want her paw to get hurt again! Need to find her some boots! It’s a good thing Devon was with us, I can’t lift all 70 pounds of her!


We’re thinking of trying these boots from Amazon, does anyone have any experience with them or similar?

Hungry, we ended up back at the torta shop from yesterday. The same lady was working and we had another nice conversation with her. She is seriously so sweet! We got our torta’s to go because we had Goof with us (Goof enjoyed some of my sandwich too, of course). At 9:00 AM it was already getting hot at 23 degree Celsius/ 73 degrees Fahrenheit. For just the 2 torta’s it cost 44 pesos ($3.06 CAD/$2.29 USD).

Devon and i tried to figure out if we could buy the ingredients and make it that cheap. The other day we bought similar breads for 10 pesos each($0.69 CAD/$0.52 USD). Plus, add in sauces, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, meat and cheese. Another thing we learned today is that its customary to not eat meat on Friday’s here. Instead of having different cuts of meat out on the counter, she had a huge bowl of tuna instead.

Exploring Markets

We haven’t figured out when the vegetable market day will be but today there was a craft market. The main square was set up with white tents and artists were setting up their wares.

Goof loves exploring! The Cholula restaurant is up ahead

Very pretty cathedral
The market in the main square

One thing we’ve seen is that sometimes people will drive by in their vehicles with loudspeakers set up on the roof or hood. We first noticed this in Iturbide where our friend who spoke English told us they were advertising an upcoming party. Like news that you hear from the streets instead of from your radio station/online. Then we saw this with people driving around with fruit or vegetables in the back of their trucks.

Well, we were finally brave enough to act on it! We heard the loudspeaker announcing their wares (we could kind of make out that it was fruit) and took off running for it! When we got to him, he pulled over and got out to help us. I asked him how much for the strawberries and he said 35 pesos for a kilo. We also got a bucket full of raspberries. Total cost was 55 pesos ($3.82 CAD/$2.86 USD).

All of these beautiful berries for so cheap!

This is the truck with the berries, you can see his loudspeaker on the hood of his truck.


Now, if we could only find a vegetable and bread truck, we would be set! Haha! After our successful berry shopping, we wandered through some more streets. Goof was happy to explore and chase some birds. I lost count of how many people stopped us to try to ask about her. Everyone wants to know what breed she is. If anyone knows how to say Pyredoodle in Spanish, let us know in the comments!

This big bird is in the courtyard of one of the Tequila experiences in town, reminds me of one that we saw in Washington, DC on the way here!
Goof prefers it when the birds are smaller than her I think! She didn’t want to stay for a picture.

Then we found these birds which she kept her eye on!
Beautiful pedestrian street. Everything is so green and lush. Trees and flowers here are so vibrant and beautiful.

Sniff, sniff, sniff

Back to the RV

We headed back to the RV for the hottest point of the day. It’s so nice having our home to escape to when we want some solitude. We got some work done and then once we started to get a bit hungry we ventured out with Goof again. The town was very busy. We got to the end of the road and there was a traffic jam.

The car in front of the police car was in the middle of the narrow road holding up traffic. The driver was in the store for a few minutes while traffic piled up behind. Lots of honking and police sirens. When the person came out, they just drove away but I’m sure they got in some sort of trouble with the police afterwards. It was a huge traffic jam. I bet they got a ticket!

There are so many different buses you can tour in here. Wine bottles, guitars, barrels, you name it.

Rush hour traffic! Everyone must be either getting home from work, or leaving the city.
These guys were trying to push this beam into the building. You can also see a barrel truck in the background.
Right in rush hour traffic, this guy comes by on his horse with his dog running along beside him. So cool to see.

Out for Dinner

We were pretty hungry by this point and were struggling to find a place that seemed right. We stopped at one place and they were very welcoming so we figured why not. They set us up on a table outside so that we could have Goof with us. I ordered a vegetarian papa (potato) meal with salad and Devon ordered a chicken burger with fries. I got an Agua Fresca which happened to be a delicious watermelon beverage and Devon had a beer. The food came and we were pretty disappointed. A classic tourist trap kind of meal. I hate to say bad things about local businesses, but this was truly awful. Luckily the drinks were delicious and the people were very nice.

They had packaged it to go because we initially asked for it to go where we had Goof with us. Devon’s chicken burger was the frozen variety.
Those fried disks are kind of like hash browns but soaked in oil and pretty terrible. I felt sick as soon as I ate them. Luckily, it passed! Goof enjoyed some of my avocado at least!

Afterwards, we continued to explore Tequila. We walked back to the RV a different way and then relaxed at home for a bit before venturing out one more time. One of my favorite moments today was seeing the modern world mixed with the old. A young girl on horseback, trotted passed us while we were sitting outside the RV. The horse navigated the cobblestones perfectly. The young girl was on her cell phone, not even paying attention to the road. The horse automatically went on the sidewalk as cars passed. I didn’t take a picture as I didn’t want to be nosy, but it was a fun moment.

That’s it for today! Tomorrow we’re thinking to go out for a nice meal in Tequila and just see where the day takes us.