Ups and Downs in Savannah

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Not Always Peachy in Georgia



Arriving in Georgia, we were excited to get into Savannah after hearing so many good things. We always use iOverlander and to help us find free places to park overnight. We decided to crash at Wal-Mart first in order to stock up on food and figure out our itinerary.

I was lounging on the back bench in our RV chatting with Devon and having a few laughs. Suddenly I could see two shadows outside the glazed window on the door. They jiggled the handled and moved along when they realized it was locked. Through the back window I could see them, 2 people in dark hoodies with dark hats on. I told Devon what happened and he called 911 while I watched them try 2 other RV’s before disappearing behind another RV.

We were impressed with the police, they were there in under 2 minutes patrolling the area. They called back and asked for more information but unfortunately did not catch them. Knowing how quickly help arrived made us feel a lot safer.

From Break Ins to Break Downs

When it rains, it pours as the saying goes. We knew that we needed to do a bit of work to the RV and Devon thought he could do it in the parking lot. Long story short, the small problem grew larger and we ended up waiting around 16 hours for help through CAA’s affiliate AAA (car recovery membership company). We spent a night and the better part of a day at the mechanic’s and eventually got back on the road.

The Only Thing You Control is Your Reaction

It would be easy to throw up our hands and give up. To point blame and completely shut down. To argue with each other. It’s instinctual and easy. Devon and I learned a lot about ourselves when we traveled through Africa. Getting stuck in the middle of a bushfire (see more on that by clicking HERE) really put things into perspective for us. Having survived that situation, we now feel there is little in life we cannot handle. We’re certainly not perfect, but we come together as a team in times of stress.

Onwards and Upwards as we explore Savannah


With the stress of the last few days behind us, we made our way to the jewel of Georgia, Savannah. We both fell in love with Savannah and had a lot of fun exploring this old city. We biked through downtown for a day with Goof and even got to take a ferry across the river.


Taking the free ferry from Hutchinson Island to downtown Savannah


Beautiful Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia


Water Fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah


Despite the problems faced, Georgia is one of our favourite places we’ve visited so far. We really enjoy spending time in the South and the Southern hospitality is great to experience. After all, who could resist Sweet Tea?