Bonaventure Cemetery

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I love visiting old cemeteries on my travels. I love learning about history and there is so much you can learn in cemeteries. We have explored many different cemeteries and monuments before. Previously, we took a trip driving through Belgium to explore the historic war memorials and cemeteries (read more about that trip HERE), and we have stopped to see cemeteries back home and now in Georgia as well.

Bonaventure Cemetery is located just East of Savannah and was originally a plantation with 600 acres and a small private cemetery on the property. The original owner sold it in 1846. In 1868, the new owner made the private cemetery public and changed its name to Bonaventure Cemetery.

The cemetery we see today is around 100 acres.

Bonaventure Cemetery is open to the public every day of they year from 8am-5pm. They even offer free tours on certain days and you can find their tour calendar HERE.

Photo Tour of Bonaventure Cemetery

In case you weren’t feeling inspired to go yet, check out our photos from the Cemetery below! All of these photos are available for purchase as well. Check out our Shop or shoot us a message at for more details.

“Past and Present”

I hope you enjoyed the photos!



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  1. rita from phoenix

    Loved the tour of N. & S. Carolina…thinking about a coastal drive sometime in May so thinking maybe going to Carolinas. Been through Savannah and some of the nearby planations…cemeteries freak me out so NO THANK YOU. I did visit the islands in Georgia and they were gorgeous and took walks on beaches…miles and miles of it with no one around. I worked for the U.S. Government so did a lot of business travels. I was stationed in Georgia for six weeks and got to see the area. I’d get off work hit an island and jog the beach for an hour…a requirement to exercise for an hour related to work.

    • Dayna and Devon

      Thanks! We really love Georgia and the Carolinas. St Simons in Georgia was a highlight as were the outer banks in the Carolinas! We love being by the water and the landscape is just gorgeous there with all the Spanish moss. Charleston is a really nice little city too!