Myrtle Beach and American Thanksgiving

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We arrived in South Carolina and saw a lot more damage caused by Hurricane Florence. This hurricane ripped through the Carolinas in August 2018 and even by mid-November the destruction was still quite evident. Homes stood but the contents were completely destroyed. Walls, insulation, siding and furniture lined the streets and handmade signs for “town dumps” cropped up everywhere. We could still see flooding in areas.

It ended up being difficult to find a free place to park overnight as a lot of the places on iOverlander (the app we use to help us find free places) had been demolished or flooded and weren’t updated in the app. We updated the app, and moved along. We spent a night in North Myrtle Beach just at a Walmart to stock up on supplies and figure out our plan for the next few days.

Crossing a bridge in the Carolinas




We arrived in Myrtle Beach the next day feeling tired and ready for a good rest. With American Thanksgiving approaching we decided to book into a campground. A campground called Pirateland that was putting on a big Thanksgiving brunch and we decided to stay for a few days. Our campsite was steps from the beach which was nice and we also had a mini lake right in front of our site which our animals loved. Herons, Canadian geese and egrets walking by kept them busy at all hours of the day and night.

After weeks of driving, we tackled some of the things we had put off in our journey to get South. Laundry, deep cleaning, editing, and general maintenance all needed attention.

Goof loving all the birds in the campground


No shortage of entertainment here!


In order to attend the thanksgiving brunch at the campground we needed to bring two unopened toys and two non perishable food donations for their food and toy drive. To make a day of it, we biked to town with Goof. We stopped in at a state park to check out the Myrtle Beach pier and wandered through the shopping district. After picking up some toys we made our way back to the campground.

Beautiful Myrtle Beach


What you won’t see on the vlog is this. Goof picked up some thorns while running and they pierced her paws. She started limped and when we inspected them she had multiple thorns and was bleeding. We both panicked as she is our big baby and seeing her blood really freaked us out. We pulled out all of the thorns we could see. They were so sharp they even made our fingers bleed. Realizing she was in pain and not knowing for sure if there were more thorns, Devon carried her the rest of the way. She is a good 75 pounds of dog so not an easy task in the heat. I loaded myself up with all our gear and walked both bikes home.



Our poor baby girl. We got her on the back bench in the RV and inspected more closely. After taking out another thorn or two and she was back to normal! We made her rest for a few days but she was completely unphased. I think it was harder on her poor parents worrying about her! Haha


The next morning we got up and headed to the campground brunch. They served turkey, potato casserole, fruit and sweets. It was nice to be out in the sunshine with palm trees swaying and Christmas music blasting!

Thanksgiving brunch at Pirateland Campground

After brunch, we relaxed back at our campsite in the hammock before packing up to go to dinner. I had found a Facebook event for a coffee shop doing a potluck turkey dinner. We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone and decided to go! When we arrived we both felt pretty uncomfortable as we didnt know anyone and we’re both pretty introverted (me more so than Devon!). It wasn’t long before we started meeting people though!

Vegetarian carb heaven at Thanksgiving dinner!


Dinner was a delicious mix of food with a ton of vegetarian options. We met some incredible people and spent the evening chatting, playing board games, eating great food and even got to ride in a new Model 3 Tesla (thanks Alex and Micah!).





  1. Debbie Cooper

    It was a pleasure meeting you at The Fresh Brewed Coffee House in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving Dinner….Safe Journey my Friends

    Debbie Cooper