Overcoming Obstacles

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A Block in the Road and Overcoming Obstacles



We were originally planning on leaving October 1st but life doesn’t always happen according to plan. Health issues, van issues and every other type of issue we could imagine popped up.

At times it felt impossible. Too many obstacles in an already rocky path. Multiple problems to solve and no idea how to solve them. One by one, Devon narrowed our focus on the biggest obstacles first and little by little we got through it. Have I mentioned that I love this man? If I’m the planner, he’s the perseverance to see us through those plans.

Devon driving for days

New Beginnings

Fortunately we were able to get our plans back on track eventually. There were sacrifices along the way. We weren’t able to say goodbye to our friends in person because of all the problems we faced. What should have been a celebratory send off from Halifax felt more like leaving in the middle of the night. The Canadian weather rushed us to leave as the days were getting shorter and the nights were getting colder.

With snow in the air, and no on-board heating system for Old Buckie, our RV, we were keen to leave as soon as we could which ended up being around mid-November.  Our New Brunswick family threw us a wonderful send off party with homemade pizza and a sweet cake. With that, we were on our way!

Cold Nights

We knew the first few days would be long driving days. We made it as far as Bangor, Maine our first night. The animals adjusted perfectly. Having spent the summer months in it at the campground, they got used to driving in it pretty easily. We were lucky to find a free parking spot at a truck stop that also had an electric outlet we could plug into so we could use our electric heater. Most nights we just cuddled and used extra blankets to keep warm!

Our first night boondocking at a truck stop
The cutest co-pilot around


Our next night ended up being just outside of Boston, Massachusetts in a town called Berlin. We boondocked at a Cabelas that allows overnight parking. Most Cabelas offer RV specific parking and dump stations! We spent our third night on the Connecticut/New York border at a rest stop.

Did we accidentally drive North?? Haha!


Eventually we splurged and paid for two nights at a campground just outside of Richmond, Virginia. It was nice to relax and unwind after so many days of driving.

Moral of the story–don’t give up when your dreams are involved!