Wait…We Live in an RV?

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Living Small so We Can Travel BIG


Everyone always asks us how we are able to live in such a small RV/space and the answer is simple.

We evaluated our life and what is important to us.

Family, travel and being together. That’s it. The three things that guide our decision making and our path together. Focusing on these three things helps us to make choices that positively impact our values rather than taking away from them.

We wanted to find a way that we could travel with our pets as they’re a huge part of our family. We love exploring and didn’t want to let that part of us go in order to stay home with them. Then we heard about van life. For all it’s negative perceptions, the idea behind van life is pretty simple. Live small, so that you can have big life experiences.

We looked at a few Sprinter vans and realized it’s too small for us to have our cats with us so we started to think bigger. What about a small RV? We looked at a few new RV’s and realized how expensive they are and how poorly constructed a lot of them can be and thought we were in over our heads.

Meeting Old Buckie

Out for a drive one day, Devon saw an old RV parked at the end of someones driveway. He thought it looked like it might be for sale so he stopped and got the phone number. We called the next day and drove out to see it that afternoon. A 1988 Chevy Van 30, camper RV. The interior was remodelled and needed minor work. It had new tires and no rust. We could see it was built in Utah and registered in British Columbia for many years. We decided to buy it then and there.

For sale on the side of the road in rural Nova Scotia
Our first meal in our RV on the day we picked her upp



Not without it’s problems, we ended up tearing down the ceiling, insulating it with spray foam and then rebuilding the ceiling. We installed new Fantastic Fans and LED lights. We built out the over-cab area to fit a double mattress. Old Buckie visited the shop to fix some minor mechanical issues.


Poor Old Buckie getting a tow


Learning how to change an accessory belt


Purchasing Old Buckie, we thought we could be the “weekend warriors” we admired and take the cats with us which proved very fun that first summer. We eventually started to feel happier in the RV than we did in our home.  We thought more realistically about taking a year off from work and travelling North and Central America. My work offers career breaks and we decided to try listing our house to see if there was any interest. Our real estate agent told us it could take a year so we figured that was plenty of time to get the proper approvals and start the journey.


Weekend warriors in Nova Scotia!

And Now We’re Houseless

The house ended up receiving a strong offer in just 60 days! I talked to my boss and got the approval for a year long career break. With that, we accepted the offer and started making plans! We needed to be out of the house in mid-April, still pretty cold in Canada! Knowing we would need to make some changes to the RV for full time living, we stayed at Devon’s parents cottage while we did the ceiling replacement and the renovations.

We moved into our 21 foot RV on May 10th, 2018. We rented a seasonal lot from a campground near the city so I could continue to work until my career break started. Now, here we are!

Our family has grown in this time with the addition of Goof, our 70 pound Great Pyrenees/Poodle mix pup (also known as the love of our lives).

My mom ordered us this beautiful cake for our send off!

The morning our trip started with our beautiful baby Goof! Our cats were snug inside.


Do you have questions about our journey? Feel free to send us an email or comment below!



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  1. Melanie Bingham

    Wow you guys are brave! I wish you all the best in following a dream♥️