Our African Adventure: Day 17, 18, 19: The Journey Home

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Leaving is Never Easy


After a great last night sleeping in the cocoon of our roof-top tent, the time had come to say goodbye. We had to pack up and leave Kalahari Bush Breaks behind as our journey home began.

Packing up, we were able to spend a few more minutes with the Dutch couple we met the night before. We gave them some of our food that we wouldn’t be taking along with our Peaceful Sleep tent fumigation spray.


Found at our campsite, what even is this thing??


One Last Night in Namibia

We drove back towards Windhoek and were struck with how far we had come not only physically but emotionally as well. When we first arrived in Windhoek, we were nervous and afraid of something bad happening. Nothing in particular prompted us feeling that way apart from culture shock I think.

Now, driving back in the familiar road, we felt completely differently. We felt safe. We were impressed by the city and felt extremely comfortable. That is one of the countless things I loved about visiting Africa. In a short time, we could measure our own personal growth.

We drove back to the same Airbnb that we stayed at our first night in Windhoek.  Our hosts were eager to hear how our trip had gone and we enjoyed spending time with them regaling them of our experiences.

After some shopping at the mall and the craft markets, we walked down to Joe’s Beer House for dinner. Joe’s Beer House is a very popular spot for locals and tourists alike. It’s an open air bar and restaurant with a laid back vibe and delicious food.

Joes Beer House in Windhoek


Devon wanted to try as many different meat varieties as he could so he tried their springbok kebabs. I’m vegetarian so I tried their sweet potatoe gratin Pooitjie. Also known as Potjie, this is a dish that is cooked in a small cast iron pot, typically over an open fire, filled with delicious stews. It’s a traditional Afrikaans dish from South Africa. We both enjoyed our last supper in Africa and went back to the Airbnb afterwards.

Look at my Pooitjie! Looked and tasted great.

The Long Journey Home

We packed up and gave the last of our food to the employees at the Airbnb. We went back to the craft markets to pick up a few gifts for our family back home and had a quick breakfast.

Some of the baskets at the craft shop in Windhoek
Delicious vegetarian breakfast in downtown Windhoek
Devon’s breakfast before heading to the airport


Next up, we had to return the truck to Bushlore, the rental company. We were really nervous about the condition of the truck where it took such a beating in the bush. Surprisingly to us, they did not seem surprised by the condition at all. I guess it’s common for the trucks to be returned in similar states!

Afterwards, we went to the airport and flew from Windhoek to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Then from Ethiopia to Dublin, Ireland. From Ireland to Toronto, Canada and then finally and thankfully to Halifax, our home base.


Looking a lot more tanned than the beginning of the trip!
Weary travellers heading homebound


We were so happy to be reunited with our fur babies. Our friends, very generously, had watched them for the 3 weeks we were away. Thanks again guys!

Dude, the oldest of our two kitties, happy to be reunited with her mama!

What’s Next?

So, what’s next for us? Well, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and sign up for alerts here as well. We’re making some seriously big life changes and our next adventure will be our biggest yet.