Our African Adventure: Day 14: Third Bridge Campsite

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A Perfect Safari Day



After having coffee and breakfast, we started packing up the roof top tent and getting ready to leave Khwai Campsite for Third Bridge Campsite. Another sunny and hot day, we drove through picturesque African plains with tall grasses and giraffes eating leaves from tall trees.











Imagine every movie you’ve seen that idealizes African landscapes and that is basically what we experienced all day long. From wide open dry plains and savannahs, to the wet and flooded Okavango Delta flood plain. The variety of nature along this part of the world is incomprehensible in its beauty.









Warthogs (aka Pumba’s! Haha)

Third Bridge Campsite


We arrived at Third Bridge Campsite in the early afternoon and checked in. We were assigned to a campsite with two other groups which really surprised us as the cost to stay here was very high and we thought we would get our own campsite. This is the first place we had to share but we soon learned why. The wildlife here is unlike anywhere else we’ve been. The campsites are fairly large, and having neighbors more knowledgeable than us on the behavior of wild bush animals proved comforting (especially when lions came to camp!).




Look at all the birds on this giraffe! They are helping to get the bugs of him. Incredible!





We were spotted by a small group of Kudu!



Before settling in for the night, we booked ourselves in for an early morning game drive for the following day. We still hadn’t seen leopards and our opportunity to see one was closing in! Afterwards, we drove around the area and saw lots of antelopes, baboon troops and elephants. We even stumbled upon a hippo on land even though it was still quite hot. One look from him had us hightailing it out of there pretty fast!



Seriously creepy, right? The second most feared creature in Africa! (The first is actually the mosquito!)


Night time Surprise

Our camp was very close to the waters edge meaning we had a constant line of elephants coming in and out of the water into our camp area. It was incredible to see. Elephants feet are so large that you often can’t hear them coming because their foot absorbs the sound. Because of this, we had to keep a constant look out around us to make sure they didn’t get too close.





After setting up camp we were brave enough to walk from our campsite to the ablution blocks for showers. As we finished showering we heard an ear splitting, unmistakable roar of a lion. I scrambled to get dressed and peer out the bathroom windows only to see Devon outside trying to locate the lions! I yelled for him to get back inside until we could assess it’s location. After trying to wait them out we decided we couldn’t wait any longer and walked back to our campsite as quick as we could. Talk about adrenaline rush!

By now it was getting quite dark and when we arrived back at camp we could see glowing eyes in the distance. Our neighbors got their large flashlights out and we saw the back outline of what looked like hyenas. We kept our fire going and quickly decided it was time to hop in bed. What a night, falling asleep to the sounds of lions and hyenas!