Our African Adventure: Day 8: The Caprivi Strip

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Heat Exhaustion and Learning to Drive Stick Shift


After a restless night of Devon getting sick, we slowly had breakfast and packed up the tent. He wasn’t feeling any better and I was pretty sure it was heat exhaustion. I pulled out my Bradt Namibia guidebook and read the section on common African illnesses. Based on the symptoms Devon presented, I made the call that it was heat exhaustion and if he wasn’t feeling better in 24 hours we would have to find a doctor to verify. Bradt guidebooks are the best! Highly recommend them for their thoroughness. There’s a link below to the guides we used




With breakfast out of the way, it was clear Devon couldn’t drive. I drive an automatic back home and was not looking forward to learning how to drive a manual in Africa! With goats and cows crossing the highways, rough terrain and the ever present threat of elephant warning signs, I was definitely nervous! I didn’t want Devon to know how nervous I was so I told him I would drive for the day and he should focus on recovering.


The Caprivi Strip


The Caprivi Strip is a strip of land that juts out from Namibia’s north eastern point above Botswana. The tip of the Caprivi strip joins Namibia with Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola. We had to drive across the strip to get to our next campsite, Mukolo Camp. While Devon slept, I navigated through villages, check points and game parks for a few hours.


When we arrived at our camp, we checked in and got the tent set up quickly. Devon slept in the car while I cooked up a light dinner for him and tried to get him to keep hydrated. Still not feeling well, Devon went to bed and I made myself dinner. We didn’t get to do the exploring we’d hoped to do in this area but there’s always next time!

Once in bed, the night came alive. The sounds of birds and bugs and hippos filled the air and was awesome to hear.



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