Our African Adventure: Day Six: Halali to Namutoni

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Etosha National Park



Living The African Dream

After an amazing night around the watering hole we decided to have a relaxing morning. We drank our coffees while other packed up. We made breakfast and eventually hit the road. There is nothing better than sitting around camp, drinking coffee and hearing the sounds of different animals not too far away.

Blue Widebeests on the Etosha National Park Salt Pan
Blue Widebeests on the Etosha Salt Pan

We packed up and headed towards the Etosha Salt Pan. You could already see the heat glimmering off of it. Getting closer, you could see animal footprints sunken into the salt.

Elephant footprints on the Etosha National Park Salt Pan
Elephant footprints sunken in on the Etosha Salt Pan
Spotted hyena in Etosha National Park
Spotted hyena we spotted wandering down the road!

This is Africa

There is a saying in Africa that applies to situations where you may not get exactly what you’ve hoped for and something entirely unexpected happens. We found ourselves saying this often throughout the trip. “This is Africa”, we’d say after we got a flat tire that allowed us to also see goats and their keepers daily routine. Or when we became discouraged over not being able to find the herd of elephants we caught a glimpse of, only to find ourselves face to face with a cheetah. Africa gives and Africa takes, meaning some days are easier than others.

Today, Africa gave us elephants.

Elephant in Etosha National Park
This beautiful guy let us follow him for a very long time
Elephant in Etosha National Park
We followed him while he wandered around looking for good eats!
Elephant in Etosha National Park
Pretty big guy.
Elephant in Etosha National Park
There is nothing more peaceful than watching these giants amble along their path
Elephants in Etosha National Park
A trio of elephants walking through the plains of Etosha


Elephants in Etosha National Park
Looks like two of them spotted us!
Elephant in Etosha National Park
What a beauty. Covered in mud to help shield his skin from the harsh sun.
Termite mounds in Etosha National Park
Termite mounds are everywhere in Africa.

Namutoni Campsite

We eventually arrived at our last campsite which was Namutoni in Etosha National Park. It was bittersweet to know we would have to leave tomorrow. We did some laundry by hand in washbasins and set up our tent for the night. It was still early in the day so we set up our camp chairs and relaxed a bit.

Banded Mongoose in Etosha National Park|
A huge entourage of Banded Mongoose swarmed us not long after we set up camp!

While sitting there, 30+ banded mongoose came running down the road and went right through our campsite. We completely freaked out because we didn’t know what they were and if they were crazy or not! They made this little squeaking sound as they came running which was pretty cute. Once we realized they weren’t going to hurt us it became pretty entertaining to watch them. They ran through every campsite scavenging and mostly dug in the dirt for insects.

Namutoni Campsite in Etosha National Park
Namutoni campsite with the Namibian flag on top
Namutoni Campsite in Etosha National Park
The view from the top of the watchtower at Namutoni, people racing to get back inside the gates before dusk when the gates close.
Sunset in Etosha National Park
Sunset view from the top of the tower

We had a braai for dinner and ordered lunch packs from the restaurant for the following day. We watched another beautiful sunset before getting ready for bed. Sunsets in Africa during the dry season are some of the best. The amount of dust in the air creates a unique glow when the sun’s rays burst through. You can’t see the sun meet the horizon because the amount of dust that close to the ground makes it opaque. The things we learned!