Highway in Namibia

Our African Adventure: Welcome to Namibia

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Our African Adventure | Day 1 | Welcome to Namibia

Namibia route Map
Map of our Route: Todays Leg in Red. Starting in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, going Southwest towards the Namib desert.

We were utterly exhausted after the longest plane journey we’ve both ever had. We crashed and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to hit the Namibian roads. Our Airbnb host was lovely and made us a coffee before we got going. This was our first time staying in a private room, typically we book the whole accommodation for Airbnb’s. We weren’t sure what to expect and it was so great we decided to book our last night in Namibia there also.
Our host told us about a grocery store called Super Spar so we packed up the truck and manoeuvred our way there. We loaded up our cart with the essentials and thought we did pretty well with our selections. A must have for Africa–a can or two of insect repellant called Peaceful Sleep! This product saved us on numerous occasions. Loaded up, we hit the road.

Highway in Namibia
The paved highways in Namibia are great, albeit a bit fast. Speed limit is 120km/h and no divider between you and oncoming traffic.
Road tripping through Namibia

This was a day of mostly driving, we stopped to let air out of the tires once we hit gravel and we stopped for lunch also. When stopping, we made sure to look around the vehicle and look into the distance to see if there were animals around. We saw many goats and also some baboons at one point. It’s wise to always be cautious in Africa! We didnt see any big animals because the roads were mostly surrounded by private fenced fields.
The scenery we drove through was absolutely stunning. Rolling hills and mountains, vast fields with yellow grass, rocky terrain. It was gorgeous.



Highway in Namibia
Long straight sections of tar between Windhoek and Rehoboth, Namibia
Hills - Namibia
Hills Outside of Windhoek
Namibia Farmland
Almost all of the land between Windhoek and Rehoboth was fenced in farm land. No animal sightings on this drive.
Rehoboth Namibia
In Rehoboth we got off the tar and completed the rest of the drive on gravel secondary roads
Not a Zebra
Not quite a zebra
Start of the gravel road
Start of the gravel road
Camping in the namibian wilderness

We eventually found our campground and were able to hop on their wifi for a few minutes.  I wanted to let our family know we were okay and would be without internet for a few days. The campground we stayed at is called Hauchabfontein and is about a 45 minute drive from the Sossusvlei sand dunes and park. It is a great option for when the campsites closer to Sossusvlei are booked (they book far in advance!). Our site was huge and had what we think were baboon footprints throughout.

The entrance to our first campsite!
A warm welcome

I’ve never been much of an outdoors woman and this was my first taste of the wild. Let’s just say nature did not let me down. I made Devon go to the outdoor washrooms with me to make sure there were no creepy crawlies. He gave me the all clear and I decided to tiptoe in. I’d nearly sat down when a very large lizard crawled in through the window. I gave Devon a good laugh when I screamed and ran faster than he has ever seen me run!



Mountains surrounding our campsite

Setting Up Camp

We set up the tent for the first time and got to making dinner. We boiled potatoes and made pita pizzas and sat down by the fire and watched the sun set.

Namibia landscape
Dusk in Namibia
Camping in Namibia
Our truck and tent all set up for our first night
Namibia campsite path
Our candlelit path to the ablution block

We went to bed early, setting our alarms for 4:30 in the morning.

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