GoCar Adventures in San Francisco

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Working our way back to San Francisco

Wild Chickens everywhere! Cotati California

We woke early again, and decided to hit the road first thing. After getting a couple hours further south from Hopland we stoped in the town of Cotati. We popped in just to try and find a coffee shop, but found chickens. A lot of chickens. We pulled into a Peet’s Coffee shop, and the barista explained that the chickens just showed up years ago. They’ve lived in the parking lot between them and a Walgreens since then and have become a bit of a local attraction. Weird… After a couple cups (soo tired), we got back on the road and headed into downtown San Francisco.

We kept seeing these little yellow side-by-side mopeds in San Francisco. We first noticed them at the Golden Gate bridge the morning we got into town. They’re rented out by company called GoCar, and they looked like a ton fun. We found a shop renting them downtown near Union square, and after a short safety video we could barely hear we were off in one of those little death traps.

GoCar San Francisco
The couple we first saw driving a “GoCar” in San Francisco.
GoCar San Francisco
Nervously optimistic, with a hint of terror

A comprehensive GoCar review

We booked their China Town tour, which gave us a 1 hour rental of the GoCar and GPS instructions and narration. The pricing was all based on how long you had the GoCar for, so if you got stuck in traffic, did not deviate from the tour, but took an extra 30 min you’d pay the for 1 and a half hours. I’m fairly certain we paid about $60 for the one hour we had it. Which if you think about it is a complete rip off.

You could rent a corvette off Turo.com in San Francsico for $230/day, or you could have this GoCar for 5 hours
Chinatown San Francisco
The main Chinatown gate we missed last time we were here!

As for the actual GoCar itself, what a treat to drive! The 50cc two stroke engine has just enough power to drag you up some of San Francisco’s steep hills. And when you do finally crest that hill and point down, the GoCar’s ample brakes barely counteract the force of gravity. I recommend slaloming like an olympic down hill skier to try and slow yourself down. Now whilst slaloming, you’ll notice how responsive your wheel is. The hilariously skinny front wheels on GoCar grip like a hot knife in butter as you work your way through downtown San Francisco traffic. The last thing I’ll point out… Trolley tracks. A hidden feature within the Go Car is its Autopilot system that at times rivals Tesla! Get your wheels down in one of these grooves and it’ll try and take you on its route.

Starting to get a bit more confident
To give you an idea of how low you sit. Basically eye level to door handles.
GoCar's San Francisco
Our GoCar brethren. Don’t forget the Biker Wave.

Goodbye California

Laughing aside, I’d recommend GoCar. It was a fun experience, and a great way to see the city. These tiny little things always seem to bring out the best in people. It was obvious the San Francisco drivers on their daily commute appreciated these little guys weaving in and around traffic, and would often toot a hello from their cars. As for the pedestrians they too seemed to get a lot of joy seeing us tackle the hills in their city. Often pointing and laughing along with us on our adventure!

GoCar street car tracks
Trying to stay out of the tracks
Fun in Chinatown
Its a ton a fun

From here we found a restaurant that specialized in American cuisine… The Olive Garden. We checked into out hotel by the airport and dropped off our trusty stead. The week both managed to fly by but looking back at everything we did, it felt like a month or more of memories. Tomorrow morning we had an early morning flight and in a couple days we both had to be back at work again. If only we could Travel Full Time!

Faster than a GoCar
Goodbye Mustang…