Tesla Test Drive – Silicon & Napa Valleys

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We had seen a lot of Tesla’s in California

Model S
Tesla Model S in downtown San Francisco

I’m a bit of a Tesla fan-boy, but our closest Tesla store back home is about a 14 hour drive away, so we don’t see them very often. In California though, they are everywhere, and when you get into, and around San Francisco, they’re even more plentiful. If you’re not aware Tesla’s head office and main vehicle factory is in the Bay Area, and this morning, we are heading over to their Fremont factory to test drive a Model S.

Words of wisdom from Denny’s
Tesla Fremont
Tesla Fremont

We left early unsure about traffic, and arrived over an hour before our scheduled appointment. I may have been a bit too excited. We hit up a Denny’s nearby for breakfast and coffees and then toured the area. There wasn’t a ton to see, very industrial area. When we arrived we were paired up with one of their salespeople and took off in a 2016 Model S 60D. The model we drove has since been discontinued but at the time this was their second slowest model and the thing was insanely fast. The two reasons why we love these cars are: 1)They’re all electric with amazing range. 2) Their autopilot software which automatically updates bring these cars closer and closer to fully self driving! Just image getting in you car one evening, falling asleep, and waking up in a national park!

If you want to feel like you are living in the future, go for a test drive in one of these. Maybe someday…. The test drive was fun, but maybe should of saved it for the end of or trip and because autopilot spoiled us and we had more highway to conquer. Back in the Mustang, we left Fremont heading north to Napa and Sonoma Valley.

Sonoma & Napa

Napa and Sonoma
Only about an hour from downtown San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma are famous for their vineyards
Napa Valley
Plenty of views of big manor like houses, and rolling vineyards
Sonoma itself has that small town America feel to it.

Dayna, not being much of a drinker, and with me driving, we didn’t do a lot of wine tasting. But apart from the wine there are some amazing restaurants in this area. We ended up finding an a small Italian place in Napa, had lunch then headed back to town. We had booked our Airbnb for two nights thinking we’d want to spend more time in San Francisco, so instead of pushing further we decided to head back towards the city. Coming back from Napa meant we’d be coming via the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate sign
Heading back to San Francisco
Golden gate fog
Golden Gate peaking out through the hills
Golden gate traffic
Its not LA traffic, but its still no fun
Golden Gate
Making the crossing

Now you might be noticing, we didn’t really do as much or take as many photos today. It was a bit of a lazy day which was refreshing. We did a short cruise through Mountain View passing by Googleplex (Googles headquarters), and spun by 1 Hacker way where Facebook is located. We had another relatively early night as tomorrow and the next day were going to be quite busy.

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Facebook Headquarters
Facebook Headquarters