Day One of our California Road Trip

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Landing at LAX is a pretty incredible experience. We approached the landing strip and couldn’t land so we had to immediately go back in the air. This took us out over the beach and Pacific Ocean. My first time seeing the Pacific!

Once we cleared customs we quickly found the shuttle that would take us to the car rental depot. We picked up what we would later realize is the “tourist car of California”, a silver Ford Mustang convertible.

Our first stop was to head to Space X headquarters in Hawthorne so we could check out the Falcon 9 which is the first, first stage rocket to be flown into space and then land back on earth. Devon is a huge space fan, so this was a highlight for both of us.

SpaceX Complex in Hawthorn on Day One of our California Road Trip
SpaceX Complex in Hawthorne


Falcon 9 Rocket at Hawthorne
The scale of the rocket really starts to set in when you’re up close.
Flight Proven Hardware
One of the four landing legs on the Falcon 9.

No word from our host…

It was getting late so we decided to drive to our Airbnb to get checked in. We found our place in Santa Monica and tried to contact the host to let them know we were there and needed the code to get in. The host didn’t respond. Thirty minutes later, still no response and I was in a full blown panic. LA is very expensive and we had planned this trip last minute. We had nothing else booked for accommodations and didn’t want to start the trip by having to spend a fortune on another place to stay for the first two nights. Devon is great in these situations and suggested we get some food and wait for a bit.

We’re planning on staying in a residential area of Santa Monica. Just, we can’t seem to and our host…


We decided on Baja/Tex mex style food and quickly found a spot. Luckily during dinner the Airbnb host reached out to us. She had her phone on silent and didn’t see our messages and was very apologetic. After dinner we headed to check out our accommodations which weren’t bad considering the price was “cheap” compared to hotels in the area.

We crashed pretty quickly and got up early the next morning to soak up the California sun.