Taking Every Opportunity To Travel

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A new role, a last minute opportunity

Halifax Harbour
Halifax Nova Scotia, where we both work.

During the summer of 2016 I was approached by a company looking to have me change employers and start working for them. After a bit of back and forth I was set to start work with them just after labour day. I gave the standard 2 weeks notice to my existing employer and ended up with a week off between my two gigs. Now Dayna, she always had more vacation time than myself, and even with the short notice was able to secure a week off with her employer. So with little time to prepare we both had a week off. We figured out a rough budget of what we could afford and started looking for last minute deals.

Like throwing a dart on a map…

Google Flights Map.
If you know when, but not where, Google Flights map is a great way to compare locations.

We are huge fans of using google flights to find airfares, and after a bit of searching we found the perfect itinerary. We’d be flying into LA early Saturday morning. Using google flights multi-city planning we would be returning from San Francisco the following Sunday. Monday was a holiday, so we’d have a day off to recoup before heading back to work. We decided we’d rent a car, spend a couple days exploring Los Angeles, then take our time driving up the Pacific Coast Highway. We’d book accommodations as we needed them mostly through Airbnb. We had no fixed date on when we would be in San Francisco but hoped we’d get there early enough to go a bit further north to the Avenue of the Giants before we’d have to fly home.

Pack our bags…

Flights were booked. We only about a week and a half before take off so we had little time to prepare. Now, I believe I’ve mentioned earlier how much of a pre-planner Dayna is.  Well this trip was a lot more spontaneous. We decided to only book our first Airbnb for two nights in Los Angeles. Once got there we would decide on were going to stay next and for how long. I’m shocked she agreed to this. Actually I could tell she was a bit excited to have such an open itinerary.

By the time we got the airport, we knew:

Where we were flying to.

Where we were flying home from.

We’d be picking a car at the airport.

And were we would be sleeping the first two nights.

Everything else we’d figure out once we got there.