Last Day in Europe

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Castle Hopping in Luxembourg

After a great night’s rest we got up and decided to check out the hotel restaurant for breakfast. It was the only Michelin starred restaurant we ate at. We had a great spread of eggs, cheeses, pastries, meats (for Devon), and fruits.

Feeling fuelled, we went through the bat cave to get our car (Really cool underground parking system at our hotel). Our first stop was a town called Vianden. I did a lot research before the trip and knew I wanted to go here for two reasons.

1. Very cool ski lifts going from the city up to a castle.

2. Vianden Castle.

Luxembourg is a small country so it didn’t take long to get around. Soon we were winding our way through the hills to the town of Vianden.

The beautiful countryside of Luxembourg

We quickly found parking at the bottom of the hill and made our way to the ski lift that would take us over the river and up to the Vianden Castle.

Castle and lower city view
Starting the steep climb up the hill
Pretty view of the valley

I’ve never really been on a ski lift before so I was excited and nervous. We hopped on and started our ascent. Slowly going over the river was really cool and if you are in Vianden this is a must do experience. It was relatively inexpensive and a lot of fun. It was also a nice way to see some of the town.

Once at the top its a short stroll through the woods to get to the castle.

Vianden Castle

Vianden has a long and interesting history. The castle belonged to one family for a long time and was then sold off piece by piece to the highest bidder. The government eventually stepped in and restored what was left.

Armour inside the castle

We found the castle cafeteria and had a quick drink before exploring the rest of the castle. Devon has a knack for finding beer so he was happy.

Afterwards we walked down to the lower city to find our car. We then drove around the countryside making our way to our last stop of the scenic day tour which was Bourscheid castle.

Bourscheid Castle

This castle tour was really cool because a lot of it is in ruins and you can see a lot of the original structure dating back to Roman times.

Driving through tunnels that wrap around the massive hills in Luxembourg

Bourscheid Castle
Devon exploring the castle ruins

 Where Vianden Castle was polished and restored, Bourscheid is untouched and rough. Both were really cool to see. Driving through lush green valleys and seeing a massive castle in the distance was so cool for us.

After touring Bourscheid, we found a small little cafe for a late lunch before making our way back to Luxembourg.

We walked around the city and found a spot for a late dinner before heading back to get a good night’s sleep. Back to Canada and back to our life.

We had a great honeymoon and I was also excited to get back to see my baby cat Dude.

Gratuitous cat picture because who wouldn’t want to see this little fluff nugget.