Leaving Brussels… Or at Least Trying To.

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Turns out there’s a strike, and we might not be catching that train to Luxembourg

We woke up early because we heard that the trains may go on strike. We needed to get to Luxembourg because we splurged on a really nice hotel and didn’t want to miss out.

Waking up we learned that the trains weren’t going to run. Devon got on the internet to try and secure a rental car before they all booked up. Luckily, we were able to get one of the last ones.

Getting to Luxembourg!
Getting to Luxembourg!


At this point in the trip it was a long standing joke that I slept a lot on planes, trains and now cars too. Devon loved to take pictures of this but I won’t bore you with that! Haha! I had a really hard time adjusting to the time zone so I was up most nights.

Quick stop at Ikea

We made a quick stop at Ikea and then continued on to Luxembourg city.

Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City
Fancy buildings

Driving through the city was a bit confusing but we soon found our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Parc Beaux-Art which is a beautiful little boutique hotel.  The coolest part of the hotel is their parking garage. You walk through this underground tunnel that looks like the Batman cave to a car elevator type of thing. Your car is brought up through this glass elevator and then you drive it into another car sized elevator that takes you to the street. It was insane and Devon LOVED it.

The hotel room was awesome. It was two levels, huge bathroom and nice art hung throughout. Definitely a nice place to spend the last few nights of our honeymoon at.

Self Directed Walking Tour

The sun was shining so we decided to walk around and try to find the Boch Casemates.

Beautiful day in Luxembourg
Beautiful day in Luxembourg
Casemates in Luxembourg
View from inside the Casemates looking down over the lower city
Casemates in Luxembourg
Exploring through the tunnels of the Casemates
Lower Luxembourg from the Casemates
View of lower part of city

Touring through the Casemates was a lot of fun. Leaving here we walked down to the lower part of the city. The streets were filled with people partying which was fun to see. We stopped at a cute river side bar for dinner and had great stone oven fired pizzas.

Mermaid in Luxembourg
Having fun with my new friend
Luxembourg yellow phone booth
Devon checking out their yellow phone booth
Upper Luxembourg
View of the upper city

After dinner we wanted to walk back to our hotel but didn’t love the idea of trekking up the very steep hill to get there sooooo we took the elevator.

Luxembourg city elevator
An elevator we found that goes from the upper to lower city

We had a great first day in Luxembourg and had an early night to get ready for our last day in Europe and a full day of castle exploring.