Space Cakes and the Red Light District

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Amsterdam’s Famous Attraction

After a long day touring around the countryside we were both wanting to spend our last night in Amsterdam soaking up the sites. We hadn’t yet built up the courage to go to the Red Light District and we realized it was now or never.

To build up some courage we found a cute little Italian eatery not far from the district so we could people watch while we ate. I had warned Devon so many times about pickpocketing that he was nervous in big crowds. We had a drink or two and after dinner decided to go for it. We saw a lot of people out on their bachelor/bachelorette parties which seemed safe enough.

Devon enjoying his beer just outside of the Red Light District

We headed out in search for the heart of the Red Light District. What we found surprised us both.

View from a bridge of part of the Red Light District
View from a bridge of part of the Red Light District

The streets were crowded with tourists and locals alike. You’re not allowed to take pictures of any of the windows so you’ll have to use your imagination. 😉

We walked up and down the streets and saw that some of people working inside the red (and purple!) windows were just playing on their phones or talking to their co-workers and some were doing what they could to entice people to come inside.

Colourful view of a colorful neighbourhood

We saw people lining up for Sex Shows and even spots where you could pay a few Euros to see a “peep show”.

Amsterdam’s Other Tourist Attraction

The smells wafting throughout the red light district came from their legal Marijuana Cafes. We passed several of these  shops before but hadn’t gone in. Coming from a country where weed is illegal (although not for much longer!) it just seemed taboo to go into a cafe or store where people were legally smoking and buying it.

Feeling adventurous, we took the plunge and went into a cafe. We saw people lining up to buy space cakes and joints with the same nonchalance that comes from buying smokes at a gas station in Canada.

Did we buy anything? You’ll never know. 😉

We stumbled across this sculpture nestled in the cobblestones

We had a great last night in Amsterdam. The city is like no other we’ve ever been to and we look forward to returning some day. We spent one last night in our houseboat and then sadly packed up. The next morning we headed to train station first thing bound for Cologne, Germany.