Touring The Netherlands

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Day Tour From Amsterdam

On our third day in Amsterdam we got ready for a day tour. This was a first for both of us but I had found the tour online and it included seeing the countryside, windmills, fishing villages, The Hague, Delft pottery and more. I thought it would be a great option for our limited time in the country as this was our last day in The Netherlands.

Quickly after leaving the city centre you’re immersed into the countryside

We rushed to the tour company and set off for Zaanse Schans where we were due to tour a working windmill.  Traffic was bad so by the time we got there we really had to rush.

Windmills in Zaanse Schans

The views were incredible and we tried to make the most of it as we ran throughout the little village.

Windmill that is still functioning today. They were making Linseed Oil when we were there

This is about when we realized that an organized tour group isn’t for us. We learned from this experience and did our best to still soak in what we could.

Beautiful horses on the flat terrain

From the windmills we then went to the villages of Volendam and Marken where we did a walking tour and stopped for lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day which we weren’t expecting at the end of May which was nice.

So much cheese

Cheese in The Netherlands
We bought a massive roll of Smoked Gouda Cheese to bring home. I packed it in my carry on bag and carried it around Europe, making all my clothes smell like smoked cheese.
Wooden Shoe Makers store

After lunch we took a boat to another little village where we went to a Wooden Shoe Maker.

Devon after escaping the tour group for some quiet time
Of course, I found a cat to cuddle while we waited for the rest of the group to finish the tour inside the shoe factory

Afterwards we hopped back on the bus headed back to Amsterdam.

Delft, The Netherlands
Super cute town of Delft, church in the main square

In Amsterdam we switched to another bus for the afternoon tour. We went to the town of Delft which is where they make Delft pottery. We learned a lot about the history of the town which was interesting.

Artist working on designs for Delft pottery

Touring the pottery studio was actually really cool! They have a lot of beautiful artwork there and the history is fascinating and we learned how to spot fakes!

Sweet canal in Delft
Everything about this town is picturesque

We got some time to walk around, grabbed some chips and mayo (popular choice everywhere!) and enjoyed the sunshine.

Devon in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague

The last part of the tour was a drive through The Hague. We really wished we could’ve gotten out to tour around but unfortunately we couldn’t. This just means we’ll have to go back some day.

We booked the tour through Viator and although it wasn’t for us, if you are nervous to navigate around on your own or are unsure of where to begin, booking these tours could be good for you.