Honeymoon in Amsterdam: Part Two

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Day Two in Amsterdam

For some unknown reason I didn’t think about how living on a houseboat would be different from typical homes. After swaying in the canal all night I woke up with my sea legs which made walking on land a bit difficult but hilarious!

Museumplein District in Amsterdam is where the Van Gogh Museum is located

Our first stop was the Van Gogh Museum. We took an Uber and then waited in a moderate line for a little over an hour. This turned out to be one of the shortest lines we would wait in on this trip.

Waiting in line in the rain at the Van Gogh Museum

We had a light lunch in the cafe in the museum which was nice. We highly recommend visiting this museum if you are in the area. The works available to see are extensive and you leave with a comprehensive understanding of Van Gogh’s life and art.

IAmsterdam sign in the Museumplein district in front of the Rijksmuseum.

After the Van Gogh Museum we walked around this district and got a feel for the place. Amsterdam is very pedestrian friendly and walking (or biking if you’re brave enough!) is one of the best ways to explore it. We Uber’d to our next spot, which was the Anne Frank House.

Long line at the Anne Frank House

The line was a bout 2.5 hours long. We made the most of it by taking turns waiting in line while the other went for a walk or sat down somewhere. Devon found a chip shop and bought us some Dutch fries. Entering Anne’s house was surreal. I reread her diary before our trip and walking up those steep stairs to their hiding place gave me chills.

Me in front of the church that is just down the street from the Anne Frank House.

This was a moving experience and one not to miss. Yes, the line was long but coming face to face with this dark period in history is one we won’t soon forget.

Afterwards we saw an American tourist get hit by a passing bike which was quite a sight. Everyone was okay but we learned some Dutch expletives. Word of advice, always look both ways and look out for bike lanes!

We then boarded a boat for a city tour. We learned at the end that they were supposed to give us headphones so we could listen to a commentary so we missed out on that but still got to see the city from the many canals.

Houseboats line most canals in the city
Near the train station there is a “bike park” with rows upon rows of bikes
View from our boat tour
Bridges upon bridges
Small boat we passed on our boat tour

After the tour we walked around until we found a place for dinner. We ended up having Italian style pizzas and then walked back to our honeymoon hideaway to get a good night’s rest. The following day would prove to be a long, interesting day.