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Night on the Town!

Night on the Town! After our usual morning we decided to go out on the town. We broke out the cribbage board and had a few drinks at home first. Because what else... READ MORE

Shopping at Galerias

Shopping at Galerias We spent the morning doing our usual thing of walks and Spanish shows. Then in the afternoon we decided to check out one of the malls in the city. One... READ MORE

Movie Night!

Movie Night In the morning I took Goof out for our usual walk. This is becoming one of my favorite parts of my days! Just her and I on the streets of Mexico.... READ MORE

City Living

City Living What a week we’ve had! We are getting acquainted with the new city we’re in, Guadalajara. One of the things that I find most enjoyable lately is to have a bit... READ MORE

About Us


Hello! We are Dayna and Devon, a married couple from the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada.

We’re both passionate about world travel and we spend most of our spare time thinking about, dreaming and planning our next adventure.

Currently we are overland traveling from Nova Scotia to Central America and back in a 22 foot motorhome with our dog and 2 cats.



The Purpose Of This Blog


The purpose of our blog is to help you find travel inspiration and hopefully help you to see that travel is more accessible than you may have thought.

We travel without the help of travel agents or tour groups. We book our own flights, accommodations and experiences and we want to show you that you can do it too.



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Bear in mind the route is the direction we travelled however 90% of it has been off the interstate.



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